Real Stupidness

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 4:16 PM by Amy~la

Katana; *bangs head against the wall*
Itachi: What are you doing?
Hiroko: ^^Isnt it obvious Ita-chan?
Itachi: um…no not really…
Katana: Knocking *bang* holes *bang* in the wall *bang*
Amaya: Katana gets like this when she is thinking
Itachi: Doesnt it hurt?
Katana: ^//^ NOPE!!!
Itachi: -/_\-; im surounded by dumbasses…
The Tobi:…that make up stories about llamas, penguins in finger traps and a leopluriodon named David!
Hiroko: ^^Exactly!
Itachi: What color are the clouds in your worlds?
All except itachi: PURPLE!!!!


P.S. I am The Tobi, and I really did write a story about that…


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  1. Ashley~wa said,

    …wow….middle school years…i wonder wat ideas the high school years will bring us…

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