I am Such a Geek

Posted in Harry Potter, Stuff n Junk at 12:39 AM by Amy~la

I was re-reading Twilightwhen I came up with this question: Is Forks, Washington real? The answer is yes! So I wanted to see the schools in Forks, and I found Forks High School and I was like “That’s were Bella went!” So then I had to find Bixby, Oklahoma from Midnighters. Then I found Bixby High and I was happy about it. Next thing youknow I’m going to Great Britain to find Hogwarts! (Which isn’t in England and is really in Ireland.)



  1. Rose-La said,

    Hey amy! I thought you said you did not have a myspace, did you recently get one?
    my mom won’t let me have one yet….probably for my b-day though. My mom has one………this makes me angry.

    well, if you don’t mind I can ask my mom to add you to her myspace so I can chat with you. and I might be getting an IM soon. what’s yours?

  2. Amy~la said,

    well i did recently get one, but i dont use it…

  3. Rose-la said,


  4. Amy~la said,

    lets just say that i dont know how to use it, i forgot the name of it, and i really didnt want one…

  5. Rose-la said,

    oh thats to bad.

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