Tubing and Vampires

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 9:04 PM by Amy~la

Yesterday and the day before that I went tubing with my cousins Michael and Shane and my sister Jennifer. On the first day I was the only one who didn’t fall out of their tube. The second day was another story. The ride was rougher than the first day on the second day. I fell out enough times for both days! (Along with a couple of flips.) On the last ride there was this huge wave. I flew out of my tube, flew over four feet in the air, and then splashed into the water. It was the best part of the day! But now that I am back home, I am so sore!

P.S. My cousin Michael was talking about garlicy foods and my cousin Shane said at least the vampires would stay away. Then I was like in the books I read garlic doesn’t work on vampires. Then he was like what books do you read, like Eclipse? The funny thing is I just finished that book today! (I re-read the series before Breaking Dawn comes out.)


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