Edward or Jacob?

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 1:41 AM by Amy~la

I was listening to episode 3 of Imprint (a Twilight podcast) when my favorite Imprinter (Laura) said something I totally disagree with. She yelled out “TEAM JACOB!” When I heard that I gasped and said, “No, Laura, Edward.” I knew she couldn’t hear me, but I absolutely despise Jacob. (I started hating him when Bella realized she loves him.) So now I am curious to how many people are team Jacob. So, if you are reading this and you have read the Twilight Saga, please say what team you are on. So your four choices are Edward, Jacob, Switzerland (Neutral), and neither.

P.S. A pole on a website said that 12% of Twilight fans are Team Jacob… I wanted to test that…



  1. ala said,

    totally edward!

  2. abbey said,

    edward definitely but jacob should just stay her friend edward was meant to be

  3. skye said,

    Edward all the way!
    screw jacob!
    i just want jacob to drop dead!

  4. Jen said,

    jacob can fall in a hole. then explode.

  5. the most biggest twilight fan said,

    i wanna la push jacob of a cliff
    Team Edward all the way

  6. em babe said,

    Umm like you people are so stupid. what guy sparkles? Even before Jacob changed into a werewolf he was a better person than edward could ever be. Edward could have been a complete ass when he was human and its only because hes a vampire that hes irresitable. well i see right through him. hes a pedo. and hes always thirsty for your blood. that creeps me out. jacob is real. he caring and took bella in when edward ran away (that coward, he couldnt even take a risk). Jacob is the perfect guy, even before he turned. i dont understand how people can actually like edward. hes imaginary.

    my vote goes to Jacob Black, for being real.

  7. Blub said,

    Team Edward?
    I HATE Jacob when Bella started to realise that she had fallen for him& Jacob can’t force a kiss on Bella just like t.h.a.t. Jacob must and should be ONLY BELLA’s BEST FRIEND. Nothing else than that.

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