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Posted in Harry Potter at 6:06 PM by Amy~la

Today I was saying that The Dark Night was the only movie that I have to go see. Then I said that there are two other movies that I have to go see, but one comes out in november, and the other comes out in December. Then my dad asked what those movies were. My mom said that the November one was Harry Potter but she said that the December one was Extras or something. I said it was Twilight. Then my mom asked if they were in the same series (Extras and Twilight). I said no, they aren’t even writen by the same person. Then my mom said that she couldn’t keep track of all my books. I can’t really blame her, but she should know that Extras isn’t even a vapire novel, it’s about an opperation you get at the age of 16. (Or 15 if your city is like Japan.)


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