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So today I am going to hang out with my “sister”, Maddy. I have no idea what we are going to do, all I know is that we are going to be crazy! So, that’s it…



I Just Realized Something

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So I was reading Midnight Sun on Stephenie’s website, when I realized something. In Twilight, Alice has a vision about Bella becoming a vampire. I finally realized that it came true. (I guess I didn’t think about the vision as I was reading Breaking Dawn.)

I just realized another thing… Bella says Edward dazzles people. But in Midnight Sun, she dazzles him. So, they both dazzle eachother. I have no idea where I’m going with this, I just thought I needed to say it.



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So today something awesome happened in Biology. I was passing notes to two people. I was talking to one about how I was a space camp a year before him. I was talking to the other about random things. Well, the boy I was talking to about random things said this: “I know you like me, and I like you too.” Then he asked me out. So I am so happy! David is so awesome. (I went out with his twin in 6th grade…)

Update: Maddy goes out with Mathew, David’s twin. So now Maddy and I are like sisters!


Alice and The Joker

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I took a quiz online to see what Twilight Character I am. I answered all the questions, and it came back saying I am most like Alice.

The other day I took an online quiz to see what Batman character I am. It came back as the Joker.

So what does that mean? I have no idea!


Dark Angel

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I am now obsessed with a TV show called Dark Angel. It was on Fox in 2000. It lasted for two seasons, but the show is totally awesome! It’s about this transgenetic ramped up girl named Max. She lives in Seattle in around 2020. When she was a kid she lived in this secret government agent building. The government agent is called Manticore. She and 11 of her “siblings” escaped that place in 2009. They were nine at the time. The series is about what Max has to do to find her “siblings”.  (And maybe she finds a boyfriend… named Logan…)

Right now I am in season two of the show, and I wanted to kill Max. I mean, just because Manticore infected her with a disease that kills Logan if she touches him doesn’t mean you have to break up! (Ok, maybe it does, but still. They are perfect together!)

P.S. I was the first comment on Scott Westerfeld’s blog post!!!!! (That cover for Peeps is awesome!)


High School

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I am only in my third week of 9th grade, and I am already behind. In Intro to Engineering Design, we do the projects that are due every few weeks. (We already turned in project one.) We are only on project number two, and I am lost. I mean, I understand what we are doing, I’m just a few days behind. That’s not good because I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow, during that class. And I have Honors Biology. That isn’t the highest level of Biology offered (Pre-AP Biology is) and I don’t understand many of the things in section two. My other two classes are easy, but IED and Biology made me have over three hours of homework tonight. (And the Biology stuff made me cry because I didn’t understand what I was writing.)

Note: For all of you wondering why I take Intro to Engineering Design (IED), it’s because I’m in the magnet program at my school. I don’t know if I will continue after this year, but my mom says I have to stay in it for at least a year. At least it’s only a semester.

Another Note: Next semester will be harder because I have Honors Literature, Civics, and Accelerated Math. (Georgia got rid of the Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 system. Even though in 7th grade I took Algebra 1.)

Umm… Wow…

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So I was watching episode 11 of Dark Angel season 2 (I got it on Sunday) when my mom tells me she wants me to look at something. She bought this Journey DVD thing, and she wanted to see if I could name one guy. I said “Well if it’s Journey, it’s gonna be Randy Jackson.” Then she pointed him out. I have three words for you… O.M.G! He looked so weird! (I’m not going to post a picture, so you will have to take my word, or look for a picture on the internet!)

P.S. Today it was raining during school. My high school has 2 floors. The main staircases are outside. Nuff said…

P.P.S. Today I started writing a story I think it’s pretty good, but this story is a first for me. If you’re like me, you enjoy a nice Harry Potter fan-fiction (that might include some relationship pairings like Ginny/Draco, Harry/Draco, Ginny/Hermione, and some Hermione/Snape). Well, I was bored in Biology today so I opened my notebook. I have some stickers on the inside of my notebook that inspired me. (Before I go on, I have to say I did NOT write a Harry Potter story.) I got these stickers at the Breaking Dawn release party. So today I started writing my first ever fan-fiction story! (The POV changes between Edward and Bella!) I just can’t get enough of those vampires! (My story doesn’t follow the story very well. In it, Edward and Jacob are enimies and Bella is human. And there is either a new character or an old character with a new power. I haven’t decided who the blonde vampire will be.)



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The other day, my mom told me that if I cleaned my room on Saturday, I would get to buy season two of a tv show called Dark Angel. (I got season one last week, and I am dying to know what happens!!!) So today I cleaned my room. When my mom goto home, I asked her if we could go get it. She said no because Tropical Storm Fay is now here. She knew it was coming today, even when she promised me to get it! I am NOT waiting for next weekend to get it. So I just want to say thanks to Fay. Because of it, I have no idea how Max escapes from Manticore. I also don’t know if Lydecker is going to turn on them. I also don’t know if Logan will ever walk again. (I also refuse to admit Zack is dead. Even if he shot himself in the head so Max can have his heart. That sounds weird, but Max was dying and she needed a heart from one of her own kind.)



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I haven’t posted in a while. I blame high school. Also, I haven’t put any videos on YouTube lately. Well, I am currently working on one, so don’t worry! In my Music Appreciation class, the teacher keeps playing music from Star Wars. He also played Indiana Jones once. (Some bands he played were Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Beatles.) On Monday we have to bring in a song that we like and we have to tell things about it. I picked a My Chemical Romance song.

The other day I was talking to Ashley on the computer. I typed “bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum” and she typed “NO!” and I waid “what?” and she said “don’t sing Disturbia!” So I just wanted to take this time to say that that song is STILL stuck in my head. Thank you Rihanna…

The other day I almost got detention for playing a game on the cumputer in my computer-ish class. I wasn’t the only one playing a game, but I was the only one that got in trouble.

This year I have to take Biology. I like science, but not that type of science. Plus, my teacher is really boring. I’m going to hate that class.

Today I was in my second block class. (high school goes by the block system where you have 4 classes a day for a semester) I have 1st luch, which means I have lunch inbetween 2nd and 3rd blocks. My friends and I race to the lunch room to see who gets there first. Almost always I am last. Today I was about 3rd. (I like to say that David and I tied because we were coming from the same class.)

So, I guess that’s it for now!



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So I am currently at school. I wish I could update my MySpace because I wrote “Brandon loves Ashley” on it, and Brandon told me to remove it or bad things might happen. But the stupid school has blocked MySpace because some people have bad things on their MySpace. YouTube is also blocked. LAME! But you wanna know what’s weird?  PhotoBucket isn’t blocked. That’s weird because I’ve seen some things on PhotoBucket that I shouldn’t have. (All I wanted to see were some Harry Potter photos! But since Dan has been in that play, there are some pictures on there…)


Stephenie Meyer Fan Club

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Whoo!!!!!! I finally started one! (It’s about time…)


The Best News Ever!!!

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As we know, Harry Potter has been moved to July 2009. As a result of this, Twilight has been moved too. Twilight was scheduled to come out in December. It will now come out on the day Harry Potter was supposed to come out (November 21). So, we will have to wait more for Harry Potter, but we will have to wait less for Twilight!



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HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE HAS BEEN DELAYED!!!!!!! It was set to come out on November 21st, but now it is coming out July 21st, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for forever for this movie, and they movie it for profit reasons!!! (I would ban this movie when it comes out, but I really want to see it…)


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I need a quote from somebody of historical significance… someone please help me by Friday!


This Post is Too Boring to Have a Title

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I AM SO BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m seeing that I am posting a lot at school (which I am right now…) so I guess the first week of school is boring…)

P.S. This site now has new colors! (Please tell me if you liked the old ones better…)

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