Breaking Dawn

Posted in Harry Potter, Stuff n Junk at 3:29 PM by Amy~la

BREAKING DAWN COMES OUT TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!! (I know that technically tomorrow morning, but I don’t care.) I will be at Barnes and Noble starting at 9 PM. I hope there are more things to do than the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows party… that took FOREVER! GAH! I am freaking out man! Heh heh… so, in honor of Breaking Dawn coming out, I will post a list on who Jacob should imprint upon.

1.) Tanya (Come on, a vampire and a werewolf!)
2.) Edward (Come on, not only is it a vampire/werewolf couple, it’s also two guys!)
3.) Jane (I’m seeing a lot of vampires on this list…)
4.) Renee (Finally a human on the list!)
5.) Vampire Bella (Well if Jacob didn’t imprint on human Bella, maybe he will on vampire Bella)
6.) Anyone in the Volturi (I really want Jacob to imprint on a vampire…)
7.) Jessica (It could happen)
8.) Mike (Yeah…)
9.) Harry Potter (It would be totally weird if Jacob went to England and met Harry and imprinted on him…)

So There is my list of 9 people I think Jacob should imprint upon! (Although it will probably be no one.)


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  1. Ashley~wa said,

    u broke the rule….

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