Breaking Dawn, one book or three?

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Wow… a lot of posts lately have the title Breaking Dawn… I’ll go change this one to something else… Ok… I changed it. Yeah, Breaking Dawn was put into three sections called Book One, Book Two, and Book Three. I would advise anyone who has not finished the book to stop reading now! Book One was from Bella’s point of view. In book one there was the wedding and the honeymoon. Book Two was from Jacob’s point of view. In Book Two, Jacob becomes the Alpha he was born to be, but Sam doesn’t step down. So that means Jacob has his own pack with Seth and Leah Clearwater. Why did Jake start his own pack? Well because the old pack (mainly Sam) wanted to kill Bella because Bella is pregnant with Edward’s child. (Dun dun dun!) And so the new pack goes and protects the vampires while the old pack tries to stop them. It was also gross because Bella was still human and she was drinking blood. (Ewwww!!!!!!) Anyway… at the end of Book Two, the baby arrives and kills Bella. (What!?!?!?!?! Bella’s dead!?!?!?!?!) In Book Three it was from Bella’s point of view. (I thought she was dead…) Edward was biting her and gave her a shot of his venom straight to her heart. Three days later she wakes up as a vampire. She and Edward go hunting, and Bella gets a mountain lion. (She was going after humans, but she miraculously stopped…) Then she goes back to the Cullen’s house. Jake stops them before they go inside. He is still friends with Bella. (He also wanted to see if Bella could handle a living person because Renesmee [Bella’s daughter] has a beating heart.) So they go inside and see Renesmee and Bella finds out that Jake imprinted upon Renesmee (aka Nessie). Then Charlie comes over! (dun dun dun!) Bella handles it well, and Charlie now knows about werewolves (Jake phased in front of him) and vampires. Alice sees a vision of the Volturi coming. (baby vampires are illegal.) They thought that Nessie was a full vampire because they had never heard of half vampire, half human creatures. Alice and Jasper then left the Cullens. No one has an idea on where they are. The other Cullens went to get witnesses so that the Volturi won’t kill Nessie and Bella and Edward and everyone else. So Bella and Edward have to convince everyone that Nessie is half human. (They hear her heart and she grows everyday.) So there are over 19 vampires in the Cullen’s house. (Most are the normal vampires, but they weren’t allowed to hunt in Washington.) It turns out that Bella has a power too! Her power is called a shield. That means that the powers that have to do with the mind don’t work. (Well we already knew that!) But as a vampire she can make the shield bigger to cover other people! When the Volturi come, they see that Nessie has grown and has a beating heart. They still want to destroy her because they don’t know what will happen as she grows up. That is when Alice and Jasper come back! They brought with them another vampire. He was created the same way Nessie was. He also has two sisters. They boys are venomous and the girls are not. (Nessie isn’t either.) He is over 100 years old. He stopped growing after 7 years. That will also be the case with Nessie. So the Volturi retreat without a fight. (They were outnumbered anyway…) So I just have two things to say..



Renesmee and Jacob forever… literally…



  1. Leisel said,

    Honestly, I think that Stephenie was trying to please everybody because a few stupid people said that they were’nt satisfied with New Moon or Eclipse. The first three books were perfect! Flawless! PHENOMENAL! I mean, what happened with Breaking Dawn? It was’nt the worst book ever, but if I had wanted to read somthing like that I would just go to fanfiction.net

  2. Samantha said,

    The no battle thing kind of dissappointed me. I mean, come on, it’s a Twilight book! Shouldn’t there have been at least a little battle? =)
    Renesmee is a strange name…but I liked her middle name, Carlie. And I liked Jake’s nickname for her.

  3. Andrea-la said,

    I know this sounds weird, but WHY DIDN’T AT LEAST ONE CHARACTER DIE???? I mean, it would have been way better if a bunch of kinda main characters died…(i don’t like happy endings)

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