Batman and Superman Collide

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 3:37 PM by Amy~la

So I was watching Batman Forever. Well, they guy who becomes Robin was about to leave when Bruce said, “Where will you go, the circus must be half way to Metropolis by now.” I thought that was cool because that is where Superman is! (I know, I know… they are both made by DC Comics… And there was this once comic thing where Superman and Batman were fighting together… I know… And there was one for the Marvell comics too… Spiderman, Fantastic Four, The Hulk, and I think Iron Man were fighting crime together… and Spiderman dies… I know!) So… before I babble on about other unimportant stuff… I would like to say that they should totally make a movie where two superheroes find each other, battle each other, partner up , and then fight evil together. It would totally rock if someone died… *cough* not Batman *cough*


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