Broken Arrow

Posted in Stuff n Junk, Vampires at 1:51 PM by Amy~la

Last night I was reading Marked. And in that book it said something about Broken Arrow. Then I was thinking “Broken Arrow! It can’t be- where does the author live? Ah ha! They live in Oklahoma!” Then I picked up Midnighters. (I wanted to just check my theory…) I flipped to the chapter where they were talking about the 10 weird things about Bixby. Number Two was the curfew. They said that the people in Broken Arrow didn’t have a curfew. So then my theory was proven correct. So while people are running around in midnight in Bixby, there are vampyres (yeah, I spelled that right) in Broken Arrow… Oklahoma is a weird state…



  1. Ashley~wa said,

    …and to think i used to live in Oklahoma…look how i turned out:D

  2. harlie said,

    omg i love midnighters series!hey,i live in oklahome ,and i,m by broken arrow.awesome!

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