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Today I downloaded over 70 songs. I also saved some pictures from PhotoBucket onto my computer. My new favorite line from a book is from Breaking Dawn,  page 89, “Why am I covered in feathers?” If that sentence made you laugh, and you haven’t read the book… you have a weird sence of humor. School starts on the 11th (tomorrow). Ew! I’m going to high school! I need to put a new video on YouTube. I have a MySpace. Ew! A MySpace! Yep… it can be found at http://myspace.com/theprettymindedugly (I know… I know… I already used that name for my blog and my YouTube account.) I’m bored. I cant get this one guy out of my head… and it’s actually a real guy! It’s not a guy from a book… My sister’s friend Jordan has a car that is as old as I am. Last night my sister, her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s brother, her boyfriend’s sister, Jordan, and I went ghost hunting around town. We didn’t find anything, not even at Cry Baby Bridge. What’s Cry Baby Bridge? Well, there is this bridge that goes on top of this creek. A long time ago there were houses near that creek. This one woman had lived there. She had a baby that was sick. There was no cure for the sickness, so the baby was going to die a slow and painful death. She drowned that baby in the creek. Stories say that if you go there at night you can hear a baby crying. (Another version of the story says that the woman drowned her baby because she was crazy.) Well, we went there at night, and nothing happened. Later, (when everyone was home and my sister was at Jordan’s house) my sister and Jordan used the Ouiji Board. They asked it are you there. The little thing was moving towards ‘yes’ when they threw the game out the door. Then they grabbed crosses and started reading from the Bible. (I also heard that they were crying.) Anyway… back to my randomness… In Spiderman 4 (yes, there will be a fourth one) I home MJ dies. WHAT!?!?!? Well in the comic book Spiderman’s gilrfriend dies, so I just wanna stick to what the comic book said… And the girl Batman loved died, so why not Spiderman’s girlfriend? (I said girl Batman loved was because in the movie The Dark Knight, she was Two-Face’s girlfriend… and despite what she said in Batman Begins, she wouldn’t wait for Bruce…) Dang! This is a long post! I was right about what the Breaking Dawn cover means! Stephenie said it means two things to her, but I can only remember one, so I’ll go with that one. She said it represents human Bella (the pawn) and vampire Bella (the queen). So there! That mean 3 of my theories were correct! Ok… ok… 2 ans 1/2. I said Jacob would imprint on a vampire, but Renesmee is a half-vampire/half-human creature. (I don’t want to say creature, but that is the only word I can think of right now.) So, I think I should end this post before it is longer than War and Peace.

Update: I just noticed that the Riddler’s name is Edward Nigma. (Ther Riddler is one of the bad guys in Batman Forever) How many times is the name Edward going to be used?

Another Update: “Holy rusted metal Batman!” “What?” “The gound is made of metal, and it’s full of holes.. you know, holey…”


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  1. Rose-La said,

    I feel bad 4 u Amy! School does not start here untill the 25th.

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