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The other day, my mom told me that if I cleaned my room on Saturday, I would get to buy season two of a tv show called Dark Angel. (I got season one last week, and I am dying to know what happens!!!) So today I cleaned my room. When my mom goto home, I asked her if we could go get it. She said no because Tropical Storm Fay is now here. She knew it was coming today, even when she promised me to get it! I am NOT waiting for next weekend to get it. So I just want to say thanks to Fay. Because of it, I have no idea how Max escapes from Manticore. I also don’t know if Lydecker is going to turn on them. I also don’t know if Logan will ever walk again. (I also refuse to admit Zack is dead. Even if he shot himself in the head so Max can have his heart. That sounds weird, but Max was dying and she needed a heart from one of her own kind.)


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  1. Rose-La said,

    oh my god. I love ur background and icon on youtube. so funny.

    do you have an im? please email me if u do. Oh, and I almost forgot, I’m going to be in georgia (atlanta) next weekend!

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