High School

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 10:37 PM by Amy~la

I am only in my third week of 9th grade, and I am already behind. In Intro to Engineering Design, we do the projects that are due every few weeks. (We already turned in project one.) We are only on project number two, and I am lost. I mean, I understand what we are doing, I’m just a few days behind. That’s not good because I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow, during that class. And I have Honors Biology. That isn’t the highest level of Biology offered (Pre-AP Biology is) and I don’t understand many of the things in section two. My other two classes are easy, but IED and Biology made me have over three hours of homework tonight. (And the Biology stuff made me cry because I didn’t understand what I was writing.)

Note: For all of you wondering why I take Intro to Engineering Design (IED), it’s because I’m in the magnet program at my school. I don’t know if I will continue after this year, but my mom says I have to stay in it for at least a year. At least it’s only a semester.

Another Note: Next semester will be harder because I have Honors Literature, Civics, and Accelerated Math. (Georgia got rid of the Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 system. Even though in 7th grade I took Algebra 1.)


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