Dark Angel

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 2:33 PM by Amy~la

I am now obsessed with a TV show called Dark Angel. It was on Fox in 2000. It lasted for two seasons, but the show is totally awesome! It’s about this transgenetic ramped up girl named Max. She lives in Seattle in around 2020. When she was a kid she lived in this secret government agent building. The government agent is called Manticore. She and 11 of her “siblings” escaped that place in 2009. They were nine at the time. The series is about what Max has to do to find her “siblings”.  (And maybe she finds a boyfriend… named Logan…)

Right now I am in season two of the show, and I wanted to kill Max. I mean, just because Manticore infected her with a disease that kills Logan if she touches him doesn’t mean you have to break up! (Ok, maybe it does, but still. They are perfect together!)

P.S. I was the first comment on Scott Westerfeld’s blog post!!!!! (That cover for Peeps is awesome!)


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