Posted in Stuff n Junk at 5:25 PM by Amy~la

So today something awesome happened in Biology. I was passing notes to two people. I was talking to one about how I was a space camp a year before him. I was talking to the other about random things. Well, the boy I was talking to about random things said this: “I know you like me, and I like you too.” Then he asked me out. So I am so happy! David is so awesome. (I went out with his twin in 6th grade…)

Update: Maddy goes out with Mathew, David’s twin. So now Maddy and I are like sisters!



  1. Rose~La said,

    how do you get boyfriends so fast? Is there a magic trick?
    Anyways, I’m in georgia! But my mom said that we could not come down and visit you.
    That must be very aukward for you…..

  2. Rose-La said,

    bout the boyfriends i mean.

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