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Wow… there are new people coming to my blog! That makes me feel special. (Not special ed special, just awesome special.) So I just would like to say that… umm… I forgot what I was saying!!! (heh heh…)

P.S. I broke up with David today. Don’t ask why, I don’t even know why.

P.P.S. Why am I covered in feathers?


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  1. Rose-La said,


    I’m now reading twilight, I started last night and I’ve read almost over 200 pages.
    would’nt be amazing if Edward was real? Me and my friends were fantisizing about him today. she went to the twilight premiere party thing. I also met a guy who is reading the twilight books too. I could not believe that!

    PS. I got a new cellphone!!!! check your e-mail because I am going to send you my number.



    pps. I just finished reading a book called bras and broomsticks. It was goog. I went to the library to get the second book, but it was already check out! *Pouts in a dissapointing way*


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