Wall Street Journal

Posted in Harry Potter at 7:18 PM by Amy~la

There is an article on Wall Street’s Journal’s website about angry Harry Potter fans. It is about the response about the delay of the movie. In that article, they have three YouTube videos listed as examples. One of those videos is mine!!!!!!!!!! (the little box that says YouTube Potter Protest, the first video “Potter Puppet Pals in Really Bad News” is mine.)



  1. Rose-La said,

    Me again!

    I just finished Twilight! I am going to start reading new moon soon……
    Sorry I havent e-mailed you yet. I will today, so check ur email!
    But if you have to call me use my house #

  2. Rose-La said,

    opps…4got one thing. I’m aloud to text too! Bye

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