Harry Potter vs Batman

Posted in Harry Potter, Superheroes at 2:18 PM by Amy~la

So yesturday I asked a question on Scott Westerfeld’s blog. The question was “Who would win in a fight, Batman or Harry Potter?” So I was reading the comments, and people were actually explaining why Harry would win or why Batman would win. (Although I would like to correct TYC Leader. Batman doesn’t kill people. So Harry would have a chance.) Then someone said that the question wasn’t Batman or Harry, the real question is Voldemort or The Joker? So, here are my answers: Batman or Harry? Neither because they were dazzled by Edward Cullen! Voldemort or The Joker? Well, if it’s the Heath Ledger Joker then The Joker, but if it’s the Jack Nicholson Joker, then Voldemort.

P.S. Third post today. Wow! I guess I really don’t want to clean my room…


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