WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *twitch*

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 8:11 AM by Amy~la

So it is now 8:09 am. I am at school. Today in homeroom, we voted for Homecoming Queen of the 9th grade. My name was on the ballot! Whoo! (I told people to vote for me or die. They aren’t really going to die, they just have to vote for me!) Umm… I guess that’s it!



  1. Rose-La said,

    OMG! u ran 4 homecoming?!?!

  2. Amy~la said,

    well not really ran. they just nominated me. and it was for the court, not actual queen. i didnt win. 😦

  3. Rose-La said,

    aww, thats 2 bad.

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