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In music appreciation we are watching a movie called “The Music Man”. In that movie, there was a song that I died when it came on. I died because Peter from Family Guy sang the same song. Here is the movie version:

to see the Family Guy version, you have to go here: (because it isn’t on YouTube I can’t post the video on here.)




  1. Ashley~wa said,

    haha wow now i see what you mean πŸ˜€ I like how the guy who sings this voice is kinda high pitched:) it makes it funny:D

  2. Rose-La said,

    I love this movie. it is soo funny. Yesterday was my b-day! And hey Ashley! what’s up?

  3. Amy~la said,

    well happy late birthday! πŸ˜€

  4. Rose-La said,

    thanks. I got an aeropostale jacket that has fur everywhere inside. I got moved to decond violin because my teacher swithched the first and seconds. My friend found this vampire amodicone. my and her are having a race to see who can finish the saga first. I will win though because I am half way through breaking dwan and she has not satrted reading it yet. did I tell u that there is a person who could be nick jonas’ twin at my school? I sit next to him in french and he plays the violoin. here is what the vampire amodicone looks like:

    >=F (Look at it sideways)

  5. Ashley~wa said,

    hi Rose:) and wow your friend has a ways to go…

  6. Rose-La said,

    yeah. she finally finished eclipse. I have about200 pages of breaking dawn left.

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