Posted in Stuff n Junk at 4:19 PM by Amy~la

Today I took the PSAT. They used the big words that I didn’t understand. Then there was a couple of questions where the answer wasn’t one of the choices. The math was easy, though. It was so easy a caveman could have done it. Then they gave us our report cards for the first 9 weeks. Then they had to delay lunch because testing ended at 11:15 ish and lunch starts at 11:05. (Well, my lunch does, after all I do have first lunch.) Then I had to go to Biology where we watched a video that had lions having sex in it. Then I went to Business Essentials and had a fire drill. It was hot outside! So, that was basically all that happened today…

P.S. All A’s on my report card!!!!!! 🙂


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  1. Ashley~wa said,

    wow amy just wow…edward eats lions haha 😀 and congrats on the report card:3

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