Pep Rally

Posted in School at 3:19 PM by Amy~la

Today in 4th block we had a pep rally! This pep rally is for the biggest game of the season. (Well, we know we are going to win because the other team sucks. Anyway, the Northside Patriots are playing our rival team, the Columbus Blue Devils.) It started off as a normal pep rally, with the band playing while people sit down. Then the drum line came out, in masks. They did some awesome playing and dancing. Then the cheerleaders did their thing. And the dance team did whatever they did. Then the drama class did something. Half of the class was dressed as people from Columbus High. Then the other half came out. They were dressed as people from Northside. (Columbus is the “smart” magnet school in town.) Then a voice said “Patriots you have 15 minutes to complete the SAT. Blue Devils, you can have as long as you like.” Then the Patriots did the whole “Thriller” thing to the Blue Devils. It was so funny. (The best part was that my sister was playing the part of a Blue Devil.) Then they went off the court. Then some dude with a big flag that had a giant “N” on it was waving the flag through the whole gym. Then he started a mosh pit! Then the assistant principal stopped it and the drum line played again. That drum line is awesome! Then the cheerleaders did this lame cheer, and then the pep rally was over.

It was an amazing pep rally!


P.S. My sister playing the part of a Blue Devil is funny because for her fresman year she actually went to Columbus. Columbus is a fine arts school. I would much rather be in the engineering program at Northside.


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