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I just wanted to know if I’m the only one that noticed that when Spiderman talks, his mask doesn’t move. If the actor was really moving his mouth under that mask, the mask would move. (Just put a ski mask on. It moves when you talk.)




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At the end of the Christmas break, we will be in our second semester of school. That means a set o new classes. The only problem is that I have no idea what classes I have next. I hope they will pass out schedules on the first day back. (But that could also be a problem because we only go to homeroom on Wednesdays, and it is after 1st block.) So maybe they will tell us to go to advisory (our version of homeroom) first. Then we will get our schedules. I sure hope so, or I could be doomed.

P.S. A Batman movie is on! (I think it’s Batman and Robin, but I’m not quite sure.)

P.P.S. I saw Twilight twice! The second time I saw it, I acted the same. There were like 5 people in the theater, and I screamed when Jacob came on screen. I screamed when Edward came on screen. Maddy screamed when Jasper showed up. I also gasped really loudly when Victoria showed up at the end. Then, Maddy and I were making fun of it. I was Bella and she was Edward. It went like this:
Me: “Promise me you won’t leave.”
Maddy: “I promise I won’t leave until New Moon.”
Me: “What?”
Maddy: “Umm… I promise I won’t leave.”

Then we made a bunch of videos on YouTube. (Maddy spent the night at my house.) Most of the videos have to do with Twilight, but one of them is about my sister’s chihuahua biting Maddy and wanting revenge. So, I guess I have to post the videos now… So here they are!

The Chihuahua Chase

Cards with Alice

Blood in a Can


Cat Resistant

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I was looking up trivial things in movies when I decided to look at the Dark Knight. In the scene when Christian Bale is asking Morgan Freeman to make the bat-suit more flexible, he asks “Is it dog resistant?” and Morgan Freeman says “Well, it’s cat resistant.” Was that a hint to a villain that might be in a new Batman movie?


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‘Alas, Harry, it seems destroying the Horcruxes was not the only way to defeat Voldemort. Getting him run over by the subway works just fine, too…’


Rob Pattinson

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Although this post is about Robert Pattinson, it is not about Twilight!
Robert Pattinson is People’s 13th Sexiest Man Alive! Whoo! Go Robert! (Now bite me Robert! I wanna be a vampire.)



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If you haven’t see Twilight, don’t read this post.

Let me start off by saying that I loved the movie. But, there were some things that I was sad that wasn’t put in. I thought, since Linkin Park was on the soundtrack, they would put in the scene where Bella listens to Linkin Park in her room, and the next day Edward asks what CD is in her CD player and she says Linkin Park, and he pulls out the CD and was like ‘this one?’ I was also dissapointed that they didn’t have the blood typing. How else are we supposed to find out that Bella can’t stand blood? Then, about 2 hours after I saw the movie, I figured out one major thing they left out. They left out Jasper’s power!!!!  I also thought of something today. Edward didn’t explain the Volturi to Bella. So, in New Moon, when Edward goes to Italy, Alice will have to take the time and tell the story of the Volturi. (Or maybe they’ll put the scene of Edward telling the story at Bella’s birthday, before she cuts her finger.) And, last night, I told people that they really left an opening for New Moon. Then, I remembered that Victoria comes back in Eclipse. So the ending of Twilight left an opening for Eclipse. Which means that they left the cliff-hanger at the wrong spot. So, when people who haven’t read the books go see New Moon, they will be expecting to see Victoria. And, when they don’t, they might feel ripped off. Then, they might not go see Eclipse. I’m just saying, at the end of the movie (when it shows this girl that you are supposed to think is Rosalie then she turns around and you’re like “OMG! It’s Victoria!”) and instead show a bunch of wolves looking at her, like they are wating to see when Edward will turn Bella to break the treaty, that would totally leave an opening for New Moon. (Plus, Billy Black did tell Jake to tell Bella “They’ll be watching.” So if it shows wolves watching them, it would totally fit!)

Ok, I’m done complaining. But, I really did enjoy the movie. I just had to forget the book. (When a scene came up that was different in the movie, I told myself “Forget about the book, and enjoy the movie.”)



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There are no words to explain the awesomeness that is Twilight.

But, to enjoy the movie, forget everything in the book. Treat it as a different story. If you don’t then you will be disappionted that they left out a bunch of stuff. (No blood typing?!?!?!?) But, anyway… I loved that movie.



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I am going crazy thinking about Twilight. I am going to see it tomorrow at 7 pm. I got my ticket on Fandango, so I really do have my ticket. I am go excited! I haven’t felt this excited for a movie since… umm… no, I don’t think I have ever been this excited for a movie. (Not even Harry Potter.) I am going to be totally non-responsive tomorrow!


Friday Night, 7:00

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So my friend Rosa said that if she hears anything else about Twilight, Edward or Bella she is going to shoot someone. Well, I said “Friday night, 7 o clock.” And she hit my head. I was like “I DIDN’T SAY TWILIGHT!” Then I pointed to the book I’m reading (The Host) and I was like “Look who wrote it.” Rosa was like “Yeah, I know.”

(The Host is written by Stephenie Meyer.)


Great Idea

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Today in 2nd block, the guy that sits next to me had a great idea. We had to reaserch about a certian item that we had. Well, I had no idea what mine was. So, the guy that sites next to me said that he should invent a search engine where you enter in a picture and it will tell you what it is. I love that idea! Now, what would it be called? Hmm…

Manure Spreader

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There is a new web site called You Might Want to Know. Here you can find information like “the function of a rotating mechanism on a manure spreader is to turn manure onto the field.”

(The web site is still under construction, so if you want to have anything added to it, leave a comment and they might add the information you’ve reqested.)



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I was watching a TV show. (Ok, I was watching Dark Angel…) And this guy (Logan) needed a blood transfusion. Well, the doctors at the hospital were all frantic because they were out of AB blood. (And Logan’s blood type is AB negative.) So I was watching the doctors running around when a thought popped into my head. People with AB blood can get transfusions of A blood or B blood. (Or even O blood…) (People with AB blood are the universal receivers.) So I was just laughing at the doctors and saying “Go find some A or B you idiots!” Then Max comes up and she’s all like “It’s a good thing I’m a universal donor.” So Logan got his blood (well he got O blood) and he lived. He wouldn’t have had to wait for blood if the people that wrote the show did their research.


I Can’t Believe It

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A little more than a month ago I lost my iPod. Then, two days later, I found it. Then, a day later, I lost it again. So I had to go about a month without an iPod. I turned my room upside-down looking for it. I looked in my messy closet and I looked under my bed. I knew it was in my room because I didn’t take it anywhere.  So last night I really wanted my iPod, and I was tired of listening to my back-up MP3 player. So I turned my room upside-down again. I still didn’t find it. I looked under my bed, and it was lying right in the middle of a pile of stuff. The thing is, I looked under my bed, so I have no idea how it got there. I told my parents that the Boogie Man stole it and he finally gave it back.


No School

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There is no school tomorrow. This is the second time this month there is no school on a Tuesday. Weird. Then in a couple of weeks is Thanksgiving break. It’s not really a break, it’s a 2-day school week. November is one of the shortest school months! I love it 😀


Potter Puppet Pals

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I’ve done something that I haven’t done in months. I finished a Potter Puppet Pals! It was my first full song video made on my laptop! (It was easier on a desktop.) When it is finished processing onto YouTube I will post it here.

Update: Here it is!

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