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Yesterday was Halloween. Here is what happened:
I went to school. I was supposed to go home with my friend Maddy on her bus. We went to the office to get out notes approved, but they told us to go to the office upstairs when the bell rings. So that’s what we did. The person up there said that she would have to get it approved from downtown, but she’ll try to get it approved. She also said it would have been better if we brought the notes a week in advance. So we went to 1st block. In music appreciation we were watching a movie and eating snacks and stuff. The movie we watched was just a bunch of Disney cartoons put together. It was called ‘A Disney Halloween’. Then we went to 2nd block. We continued to build out projects on the computer. We have to take apart a toy and build the pieces on the computer. Its actually not as hard as it sounds, but it is still hard. Then I went to lunch. Nothing interesting happened at lunch. Then we went to 3rd block. In Biology we did this worksheet comparing Mitosis to Meiosis. That was an easy worksheet. We also finished our Meiosis flashcards. Then We went to 4th block. We never do anything in Business Essentials except play games on the computer. (Everyone has their own computer.) We did our daily worksheet and continued to play games. Then it was 2 minutes until school ended when they called me to the attendance office. They gave me my temporary bus pass for Maddy’s bus. Then I went to my locker and got my book bag. My book bag had my costume in it. So I went to Maddy and got on her bus.

Then Maddy, Jessica, and I went to the middle school and saw our old teachers. Miss Richardson saw us and Miss Richardson saw us and said that we would have to get a pass from the office. So we went to the gym and then left. Then Jessica went home. Maddy and I went back to Maddy’s house. We sat around and did stuff. Then we got out costumes on. Maddy was SpongeBabe and I was Goldielocks. We ate dinner and went trick or treating. In the middle of trick or treating, we ran into Ashley and Patricia. Then all four of us went trick or treating. Then Patricia and Ashley had to go back to Patricia’s house. So Maddy and I went back to Maddy’s house. There we watched I am Legand and there was one point where Maddy screamed her head off. It was funny. Then, at 10 pm, I finally went home to my house. There I started watching Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Then I fell asleep.

And that was my Halloween! 😀


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