If only…

Posted in Superheroes at 3:38 PM by Amy~la

At night is when I do my best thinking. (Well, it’s when I do my best thinking about unimportant things.) And last night was no different. As you may have noticed by reading this blog, I get obsessed with one thing for about a month then go on to something else. Well, this month it is superheroes. (Well my last two posts did have at least something to do about Superman.) So, back to what I was thinking last night. I realized that if superheroes were real, that I would be the girlfriend that they would always have to rescue. I would be the Lois Lane (Superman), M.J. Watson (Spiderman), Betty Ross (The Incredible Hulk), or Pepper Potts (Iron Man) to the hero. I might even be the Sue Storm. I mean, Sue has her own powers along with her boyfriend/husband Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic 4.

Last night I also realized something else. Superheroes always get the girl, right? Then why didn’t Batman get the girl? In the movie, The Dark Knight, Rachel Dawes died, so does Batman get another girl (Vicki Vale perhaps?) If you do some research, then you will find out that Rachel Dawes wasn’t in the Batman comic books and was made for Batman Begins. There are also rumors that Vicki Vale will be in the sequal to The Dark Knight. So will Batman finally get the girl? I hope so.


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