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I was watching a TV show. (Ok, I was watching Dark Angel…) And this guy (Logan) needed a blood transfusion. Well, the doctors at the hospital were all frantic because they were out of AB blood. (And Logan’s blood type is AB negative.) So I was watching the doctors running around when a thought popped into my head. People with AB blood can get transfusions of A blood or B blood. (Or even O blood…) (People with AB blood are the universal receivers.) So I was just laughing at the doctors and saying “Go find some A or B you idiots!” Then Max comes up and she’s all like “It’s a good thing I’m a universal donor.” So Logan got his blood (well he got O blood) and he lived. He wouldn’t have had to wait for blood if the people that wrote the show did their research.


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  1. Rose~la said,

    wow. i learned about that stuff like in the 7th grade.

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