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If you haven’t see Twilight, don’t read this post.

Let me start off by saying that I loved the movie. But, there were some things that I was sad that wasn’t put in. I thought, since Linkin Park was on the soundtrack, they would put in the scene where Bella listens to Linkin Park in her room, and the next day Edward asks what CD is in her CD player and she says Linkin Park, and he pulls out the CD and was like ‘this one?’ I was also dissapointed that they didn’t have the blood typing. How else are we supposed to find out that Bella can’t stand blood? Then, about 2 hours after I saw the movie, I figured out one major thing they left out. They left out Jasper’s power!!!!  I also thought of something today. Edward didn’t explain the Volturi to Bella. So, in New Moon, when Edward goes to Italy, Alice will have to take the time and tell the story of the Volturi. (Or maybe they’ll put the scene of Edward telling the story at Bella’s birthday, before she cuts her finger.) And, last night, I told people that they really left an opening for New Moon. Then, I remembered that Victoria comes back in Eclipse. So the ending of Twilight left an opening for Eclipse. Which means that they left the cliff-hanger at the wrong spot. So, when people who haven’t read the books go see New Moon, they will be expecting to see Victoria. And, when they don’t, they might feel ripped off. Then, they might not go see Eclipse. I’m just saying, at the end of the movie (when it shows this girl that you are supposed to think is Rosalie then she turns around and you’re like “OMG! It’s Victoria!”) and instead show a bunch of wolves looking at her, like they are wating to see when Edward will turn Bella to break the treaty, that would totally leave an opening for New Moon. (Plus, Billy Black did tell Jake to tell Bella “They’ll be watching.” So if it shows wolves watching them, it would totally fit!)

Ok, I’m done complaining. But, I really did enjoy the movie. I just had to forget the book. (When a scene came up that was different in the movie, I told myself “Forget about the book, and enjoy the movie.”)


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