Posted in Guitar Hero/Rock Band, Harry Potter, Stuff n Junk, Superheroes at 1:50 AM by Amy~la

I was on MySpace when I saw a little ad next to all the important stuff. It was a large ad space with 4 little text ads. Well, these ads are normally realated to the page you are on, and since my MySpace has a lot of Harry Potter, Twilight and superheroes, those are the ads I see. Well, this was probably the worst Superhero ad for a non-superhero thing. Here is what it said:

Batman’s IQ=106.
Smarter than Batman? Take the Real IQ Test now!

There are a couple of flaws in that advertisement.
Flaw number one: Batman isn’t real
Flaw number two: How do you know the IQ of Batman?
Flaw number three: That quiz has nothing to do with Batman! If it was a Batman quiz I might take it. But it is just another dumb IQ quiz that is going to ask too many personal questions just so I can see how smart I am. I’m on to you Mr. Ad Maker.

So, I’m done going on about that ad. I just thought it was a funny ad…

P.S. I was playing Guitar Hero: World Tour yesterday and I beat Ted Nugent in a guitar battle!


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