Posted in School at 5:15 PM by Amy~la

School has started up again. My schedule is a lot different than last semester. This semester I have Honors English/Literature, Health/Personal Fitness, Civics, and Accelerated Math.

Georgia got rid of the Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II system. If they didn’t, I would have Algebra II this year. But they did, so now they have Math1, Math2, Math 3, and Math 4. Math 1 if for freshman, Math 2 is for sophomores, Math 3 is for juniors, and Math4 is for seniors. Well, in Accelerated Math, I will cover all of Math 1 and half of Math 2. And with that going, I will only have three years of the Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 system.

In Honors English/Literature, we have to read four books as a class and two books outside of class. The two books we read outside of class are from an approved list. On that list is like 16 books. None of them sound good.

In Civics, all we really do is debate about things. It’s really fun.

In Health, we will do whatever people do in Health. In Personal Fitness, I will actually have to do jumping jacks and push-ups, and run. I hate running.

But, on the bright side, I do have friends in all my classes!

So I will go and continue watching Superman Returns that is playing on FX.


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