My Weird Dream

Posted in School, Stuff n Junk, Vampires at 9:38 AM by Amy~la

I had a weird dream last night. It started with me sitting downstairs, watching a movie on TV. The movie was supposed to be Twilight, but it was more of a mixture between Breaking Dawn and New Moon. In the movie, Bella and the Cullens were hanging around this giant Waffle House sign. This sign was as big as the Hollywood sign! Then the Cullens leave town, like they did in New Moon. Bella discovers she is pregnant with Edward’s child, like in Breaking Dawn. The Cullens come back to school, even Carlisle and Esme, but Edward stays home. (This is the part in the dream when it’s no longer me watching a movie.) Carlisle is happy about some wrapping paper, when Angela tells the Cullens that Bella is pregnant and dropped out of school. Then it showed Bella talking to her mom. (She lived with her mom in my dream, and she also had a sister.) Bella is telling her mom that she is pregnant. Her mom kicks her out of the house. Then Bella is walking with two dwarfs into a long hallway. Then the perspective of the dream changed from Bella to Edmund from the Chronicles of Narnia. The two dwarfs summoned the White Witch, just like the Prince Caspian. Then the witch was mad that only one Son of Adam was present. So Edmund calls to Lucy, Peter, and Susan. They arrive and they are about to help the White Witch come back to life when Prince Caspian destroys the ice. The White Witch turns into a shark and eats the little lemur from Madagascar. (The one that is always touching King Julian’s feet…) Then the dream changes perspective to Lucy. Lucy follows Prince Caspian through this hallway where she discovers that he is a vampire witch. He said to Lucy that he needed to feed off of the youth of young children so he can stay young forever. He was about to feed off of Lucy when she challenged him to a race on scooters. Then it was no longer Lucy in the dream, it was me. And Prince Caspian wasn’t Prince Caspian anymore, but he was my Civics teacher. I won the race and my teacher died. The End!

I watch too many movies.



  1. Rose~la said,

    What world do u live in????

  2. Amy~la said,

    i have no idea…

  3. Rose~la said,

    LoL! haha. I have not talked to u in forever amy! (or seen u XD) so what did u get for christmas? I know that u got guitar hero. u must luv playing that!

  4. Amy~la said,

    yeah, i love guitar hero.
    but i also got 9 books
    2 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    the Dark Knight
    the Chronicles of Narnia DVDs (both of them)
    a PS3
    the Twilight soundtrack
    and the Panic at the Disco cd Pretty. Odd.

    and with my Christmas money i bought an HDTV from Circuit City

  5. Rose~la said,

    wow. did u here that circut city is closing. millions of ppl r losing their jobs. *cry* life is so not fair. well, i went ski-ing and that was a big part of my xmas. i also got a digital camera and a ton of new clothes. with my xmas money i baught an ipod nano. and today it started snowing! and i was sopposed to be taking finals today! haha.

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