Pirates have Earrings

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My parents finally gave in. They said that, since I am in high school, I can finally watch R rated movies, depending on the movie. I can live with that. But the thing is, I saw my first R rated movie months ago, and since then I have seen 3. And tonight I finally saw Tropic Thunder. (But my parents saw that with me.) So maybe this means that I can go see that Watchmen movie that is coming out soon…



(Random Title Goes Here)

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I had this weird dream the other day. I was in the TV show Buffy (or maybe it was Angel because Buffy wasn’t there and Angel was…) and we were in the Sunnydale High School. We (by we I mean Angel, about 3 other vampires, and me) were in a hallway when we got into a fight with a student. Angel led us down this hallway towards a church. One vampire expressed his fear about entering a church when Angel explained it was the only way to go, for the sun was up. Then we saw Spike run into the church, from the outside. He had a blanket on and he was smoking, like he was about to catch on fire. Then we followed him and we waited in a room full of crosses. Then the preacher was talking to Angel and Spike and Angel discovered that he wasn’t really a preacher. Then I woke up.


From Beneath You it Devours

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Yeah, so Jeremy, Tessa, and I have this video project on the Bill of Rights due Monday, and we only have 6 of the 10 amendments finished. I guess we can film the rest of them tomorrow, and I can edit them at night. It doesn’t take me long to edit them, but saving the video file takes a while. So I guess that’s my only dilemma. Wait, I have another dilemma, Jeremy is busy this weekend. So he won’t be in the rest of the amendments. I can probably get Maddy, Rosa, David, Matthew, and Ashley to come over along with Tessa, but Jeremy’s name is going on the project so he should be here every day of filming. (Ok, yes Tessa missed a day, but that was because she had to watch her little brother.) Ok, I’m finished telling you this.

P.S. The power went out for a couple of minutes today. It was pretty cool because for a second I thought that I wouldn’t have to vaccuum downstairs. Then the power came back on and I was sad.


Connor is really Steven

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Wow, I haven’t posted in a while… Anyway… I am in homeroom right now and it is Friday. Fridays are fun! I have to do a video project for the Bill of Rights. We are almost finished, but we need to film some more amendments. So, yeah… I guess that’s it.


The Penguin Stole My Magic

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I had a lot of videos on YouTube. (About 40.) Now I am down to 36 because of stupid Copyright things that says I don’t own the music I used in my Potter Puppet Pals videos. I’ve been making them over a year now, and they just now are deleting my videos? Not cool man.


I’ve Got a Theory, Maybe it’s Bunnies.

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The title actually relates to today’s post!

I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer when this one episode turned into a musical!  The gang was trying to figure out why everyone was bursting into song. They were all saying their theories. Giles blamed a demon, Xander blamed witches, Willow blamed a dream, Buffy said it didn’t matter, and Tara never got her theory out because Anya had to say her’s. Anya blamed bunnies. (She’s afraid of bunnies.)


I’m On Page 114 And They Still Haven’t Killed That Bird

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I was watching Scrubs tonight when something truly amazing happened. Turk and JD were hugging in the hallway, with the song Guy Love playing in the background! For the people that don’t know the song Guy Love, it is from an older Scrubs episode called My Musical. You know what, I’ll post the video of the original Guy Love episode here.

P.S. I got the idea of the title of this post from the book To Kill A Mockingbird. We are currently reading that for English class.


Guy With a Green Face

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I saw Pink Panther 2 on Friday.
That movie is EXTREMELY funny! The only bad part is the really bad accents that are obviously fake.

I also saw Coraline in 3D on Saturday.
That movie was pretty good. The 3D effects were pretty cool, but they mainly went into the screen, not out of the screen.


Pink Squares Rock!

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So last night I had this weird dream. I was at my lunch table from last semmester. I was drawing on a piece of paper. The Jeremy told me he broke up with his girlfriend. So i crumpled up my paper and threw it away. I got another piece of paper. I started drawing a pink square when my alarm clock went off.


I am Slightly Awesome

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‘Nuff said.


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‘Oh, look, it’s Cedric Diggory! Oh, he’s with a girl. But – hold on, why is she covered in feathers?

Vampire Dance

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