From Beneath You it Devours

Posted in School, Stuff n Junk at 3:30 PM by Amy~la

Yeah, so Jeremy, Tessa, and I have this video project on the Bill of Rights due Monday, and we only have 6 of the 10 amendments finished. I guess we can film the rest of them tomorrow, and I can edit them at night. It doesn’t take me long to edit them, but saving the video file takes a while. So I guess that’s my only dilemma. Wait, I have another dilemma, Jeremy is busy this weekend. So he won’t be in the rest of the amendments. I can probably get Maddy, Rosa, David, Matthew, and Ashley to come over along with Tessa, but Jeremy’s name is going on the project so he should be here every day of filming. (Ok, yes Tessa missed a day, but that was because she had to watch her little brother.) Ok, I’m finished telling you this.

P.S. The power went out for a couple of minutes today. It was pretty cool because for a second I thought that I wouldn’t have to vaccuum downstairs. Then the power came back on and I was sad.


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  1. Rose~la said,

    always being lazy about chores………..

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