(Random Title Goes Here)

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 7:55 AM by Amy~la

I had this weird dream the other day. I was in the TV show Buffy (or maybe it was Angel because Buffy wasn’t there and Angel was…) and we were in the Sunnydale High School. We (by we I mean Angel, about 3 other vampires, and me) were in a hallway when we got into a fight with a student. Angel led us down this hallway towards a church. One vampire expressed his fear about entering a church when Angel explained it was the only way to go, for the sun was up. Then we saw Spike run into the church, from the outside. He had a blanket on and he was smoking, like he was about to catch on fire. Then we followed him and we waited in a room full of crosses. Then the preacher was talking to Angel and Spike and Angel discovered that he wasn’t really a preacher. Then I woke up.


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