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As I was in my room, I realized something. Before I say what I realized, let me tell you what I was doing. I was sitting on my bed, watching Smallville on my laptop. I was also watching Superman Returns on my TV. I was also wearing my Superman cape.  On Smallville, I was crying over Clark Kent’s death, even though I knew he would come back. On Superman Returns, I was laughing about Superman’s death because the doctors were trying to put needles in him, and I was like “He’s Superman! It won’t work.” So, as I was laughing and crying over Kal-el’s death (his Kryptonian name is Kal-el) and wearing my Superman cape, I was like “I have got to stop watching all these superhero movies and TV shows! I’m becoming addicted!” So I ran downstairs (still wearing my cape) and told my mom that I need to be in S.A. Then my  mom was like “Superheroes anonymous?” So I am starting a club! It is called S.A. and the first step in my 12 step program is to admit that superheroes aren’t real. (I don’t know what steps 2-11 are yet, but step 12 is to stop watching superhero movies/TV shows. And since I HAVE to watch the Avengers movie that comes out in 2011, I won’t be on that step until I’m in college!)



  1. Rose~la said,

    What a crack up! I’ll join…………..My mom says I watch too much TV. Wait, Isn’t superman’s real name Clark Kent? and that guy from smallville, his name is Clark Kent too? are they both about superman? I don’t watch smallville but I know that he has super powers.

  2. Amy~la said,

    yeah… smallville is the story about clark kent before he became superman. in the movie superman that came out in like 1979 it said that he was 30. well, where was he before that time? smallville answers that question.

  3. Rose~la said,

    oh…………….well thanks for clearing that up for me. Hey, There are the bands that I would like you to check out:

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    Days difference
    and there music myspace, just type in days difference…….

    I would really appreciate it if you checked it out, at least the first two.

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