Posted in School, Stuff n Junk at 2:18 PM by Amy~la

Today in first block (English) we had an end of the year party. Everyone brought sweets (I brought brownies). I had 3 cups of soda (2 of them were Mountain Dew) 3 cookies, 2 brownies, and a rice crispies treat. My friends Matthew, Jeremy, and Brittany had Monster energy drinks. I’ve never had one and they wanted me to try it. Jeremy gave me the last sip of his, and then I became really really hyper.  I was bouncing in my seat. In second block (gym) I was still hyper. I ran around and spun around and acted hyper. Then I sat down on the bleachers and fell asleep. I crashed so hard it was really funny. Then in third block (civics) I was back to my normal self. Then in fourth block (math) I was talking in a British accent. It was an awesome day.


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