TV Shows

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 10:22 PM by Amy~la

Now that I am all caught up with Smallville, I need a new TV show to take over my life. (Literally) I was trying to find one when I remembered that I still haven’t seen season 5 of Angel. I went to tvduck.com and I am now on episode 10. (The best part is that in Smallville, the actor James Marsters was in 13 episodes and on Angel he is in 24 episodes. James played Brainiac on Smallville and Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.) But after this season is over, what should I watch? I think I’ll go back and watch the latest season of Heroes because I didn’t watch that. Or maybe I’ll watch that Dollhouse show. That’s from the creators of Buffy and Angel. The main character is even played by Eliza Dushku who played Faith, the other vampire slayer. Ooh, or maybe I’ll watch that old TV show Lois and Clark. I just finished one Superman show, so why not start another? Oh the possibilities.


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