Superheroes are Everywhere

Posted in Harry Potter, Stuff n Junk, Superheroes at 12:00 AM by Amy~la

No matter what type of book I read, a superhero is almost always mentioned. I was reading a vampire book and the girl compared her boyfriend to Clark Kent. I was reading a magic book and there was another Superman reference. (That magic book also referenced Harry Potter by saying the girl’s mom didn’t let her read the Harry Potter books.) Right now I am reading a book that could actually happen. There are no vampires and no magic. There is only a car crash that changes the main character’s life. In this book, the boyfriend of the main character says, “Time to activate the Bat Signal.” That, of course, is a reference to Batman. Can’t I get through one book where they don’t mention a superhero? Dang it. I was going to pick up Twilight to get away from the superheroes, but then I remembered the whole “I’ve considered radio-active spiders and kryptonite.”


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  1. Natalie~N.A.T.O said,

    You should try reading The Princess Academy.
    Or maybe the mediator series.
    Or even Avalon high.

    As far as I know, there are no superheroes. Or references.

    I have not talked to you in forever. Today was the last day of school.
    Talk to you later.


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