Can I Go Too?

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Tonight my mom, my dad, and my sister are going to a play. This play is a version of the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show. My mom and my sister are trying to find their costumes and I’m just sitting on the couch thinking “Am I going to go? No one invited me. It’s not like I can drive myself (even though I do have my learner’s permit).” So while my whole family is at the play, I will be doing the same thing I do every night, watch TV and eat junk food. Fun.




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Three weeks ago my parents planned a trip to Miami. They had everything set, they contacted my grandpa in Miami, and my sister even invited her friend. They only forgot one thing… to tell me about it! A week after the trip was planned (we are leaving tomorrow) my sister was out with her friend and she called the house to ask my mom when we are going to Miami. My mom replied with “July 22nd” and I was sitting on the couch watching TV. The home phone is really loud so I heard the whole conversation. As soon as my mom hung up the phone I asked “We’re going to Miami???” And my mom replied with “Yeah, I thought you knew.” Now how could I have possibly have known without anybody telling me? I find it sad that no one told me and I had to overhear it on the phone. So I am going to be in my gradpa’s pool saying “Wait… why are we in Miami?” I’m never going to let my mom live this down.



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Leviathan comes out in 78 days!


Harry Potter Mania

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I’ve now seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince twice. I loved the part when Harry drank the luck potion. He was just so smug, arrogant, and unusually happy. When the dead bodies jumped out of the water, even though I knew they were coming, I jumped… both times. I can’t wait for this movie to come out on DVD so I can watch Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, and Half-Blood Prince, back to back. Then when Deathly Hallows part one comes out, I will be in heaven!


Lets Party

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Yesterday I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price, but this post is not about that. Today I took some time off from playing Sims 3 to play some DDR. When I was tired I went online and I found out that one of my favorite TV shows is nominated for an Emmy. It is in the comedy category, and it is a cartoon. Here is a hint: giggity. Family Guy is nominated for a Emmy. It is the first cartoon in 48 years, since the Flintstones. So cheers to all the sexual innuendos, the gay jokes, the fart jokes, the evil baby, the talking dog, and the jokes that are probably going to land the writers in Hell for all the cracks at God. Congratulations Family Guy.


Six Flags

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Yesterday I went to Six Flags over Georgia. I went with my family, my sister’s friend, and my friend Maddy. We all went our separate ways in the park. When Maddy and I finally found the Superman ride (we got lost and ended up riding the Batman ride) we met up with my parents. We rode that awesome ride where you a on your stomach like you are flying. This guy at the park was like “How can you ride this ride while wearing that shirt?” (I was wearing my Batman shirt). Then Maddy and I rode the Ninja twice and then we went back to the Superman. The same guy there saw me and unlocked my seat. He came back after assisting everyone else and was like “Say you’re sorry.” So I did and I loved the ride. Once the ride was over, the guy next to me threw up. Good thing nothing got on me.


I Wanna be a Dentist

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It is now 5 days until my birthday, and I have to go to the dentist. There is nothing wrong with my teeth, I just have to go every 6 months andmy 6 months are up. It’s really annoying. 😛


Dumb Charger

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In order for my laptop to charge I have to hold the cord a certain way. If I let go it won’t charge. It is on the right side of the computer so I have to hold it with my right hand. So I am typing this with my left hand. I am right handed. 😦


Peacemaker by Green Day

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I tried to post this to YouTube, MySpace and Facebook but they all rejected it.

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Christian Bale’s Voice.

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I have finally heard the real voice of the awesome Christian Bale. Christian Bale, as you probably know, plays Batman in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He is also in the new movie Public Enemies with Johnny Depp. If you have seen these movies, you haven’t heard Christian’s real voice. He is Welsh and I wanted to hear his real voice. I did a little Googling and I found an old interview of him. His voice is awesome. I love accents and with his awesome looks and the accent, I am hooked. (But seriously, what’s with his Batman voice? All the other actors that played Batman didn’t have that rediculous voice.)