Six Flags

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 2:08 PM by Amy~la

Yesterday I went to Six Flags over Georgia. I went with my family, my sister’s friend, and my friend Maddy. We all went our separate ways in the park. When Maddy and I finally found the Superman ride (we got lost and ended up riding the Batman ride) we met up with my parents. We rode that awesome ride where you a on your stomach like you are flying. This guy at the park was like “How can you ride this ride while wearing that shirt?” (I was wearing my Batman shirt). Then Maddy and I rode the Ninja twice and then we went back to the Superman. The same guy there saw me and unlocked my seat. He came back after assisting everyone else and was like “Say you’re sorry.” So I did and I loved the ride. Once the ride was over, the guy next to me threw up. Good thing nothing got on me.


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