Bleeding Lips

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Last night my lips were dry. Then I smiled. My lips cracked and started bleeding. Today after school, after multiple times of me saying no, someone put tape on my lips. (I couldn’t hit him because another person tied me up with a rope, but what happens in Drama stays in Drama.) When I took the tape off, my lips started bleeding worse than yesterday. Now it’s been over 5 hours and my lips still hurt. I wonder if I could sue him…




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My lip sync group was the only one to get an A. And the school is talking about how good it was. Hmm… Maybe I will be known in my school for once? Also I might be in a TV commerical for my orthodontist. I know its a little weird for someone who wants to be a scientist want to be in commericals and plays and in drama class, but I have many interests. 😀


Drama and Vegas

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My drama class is doing a project. We have to be in groups of five and do a lip sync to a song of your choice. My group is doing Waking Up in Vegas by Lady GaGa. We are wearing crazy outfits and wigs and acting all drunk and stuff! It is going to be awesome!!!


I’m an Extra

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My school is doing the play The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I was cast as an extra in the play. But I actually like that because I don’t have to remember any lines, I still get out of class sometimes, I get to wear wings, and I can wear my “I’m an Extra” shirt to rehearsal. When I found out I was in the play, I was so glad I wasn’t cut. I’m just excited I get to be on stage.


I Hate my School

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I hate my school. In my fisrt block, drama, there are so many ghetto people and they like to talk about stripping. Then in my second block, French, no one will shut up! I can’t even hear myself think! Then in third block, AP US History, I am sort of failing… sort of… Then in fouth block, Chemistry, I don’t really learn anything because Maddy, Rosa, and Clay are distracting.  And when changing classes, there are too many students to actually move. And it doesn’t help that the main staircase, the largest one, has the smallest door. And the two back staricases that maybe 20 students use have double doors. And don’t even get me started on traffic. It takes FOREVER to get into the parking lot.


Favorites (Sorry AP US History and French)

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Drama and Chemistry are becoming my two favorite classes. Drama because we get to do fun activities and drama stuff, and Chemistry because Maddy, Rosa, Clay, and Orin are in that class. I haven’t had a class with Rosa, Maddy, or Orin since the 8th grade. (I had Biology last year with Clay, which, ironically, is in the same classroom as my Chemistry class…)


Class Schedule

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This is my first semester schedule:

1: Drama 1
2: French 1
3: AP US History (aka A PUSH)
4: Honors Chemistry

This is my second semester schedule:

1: Accelerated Math 2
2: Pre AP English 2
3: (Getting it changed so it doesn’t matter)
4: French 2

So there it is. My schedule. (Even though it is way too early for school, but whatever… whatever…)


School? Already???

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Warning: There is some (intense) cussing in this post *gasp!*
Thursday, August 6 is the first day of school down here in Georgia. What? August 6th!!!!!!! Oh hell no! I am not going to school on August fucking 6th. That is too damn early! School should go back late August/early September, NOT AUGUST 6TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t understand why the fuck we go back to school so damn early. I mean seriously, it is still summer!! It is too hot outside for school, and with the dumb dress code we have, you can’t really wear shorts (unless they are no less then 3 inches above your knee.) So people are going to be going back to school in hot weather, wearing pants and shirts that were made for cooler weather. And you HAVE to change classes outside (all 5 staircases are outside) so you WILL get heat. Can someone change these fucking rules! They suck!!

*I swear I won’t cuss like this again, I’m just really mad*