School? Already???

Posted in School at 10:58 PM by Amy~la

Warning: There is some (intense) cussing in this post *gasp!*
Thursday, August 6 is the first day of school down here in Georgia. What? August 6th!!!!!!! Oh hell no! I am not going to school on August fucking 6th. That is too damn early! School should go back late August/early September, NOT AUGUST 6TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t understand why the fuck we go back to school so damn early. I mean seriously, it is still summer!! It is too hot outside for school, and with the dumb dress code we have, you can’t really wear shorts (unless they are no less then 3 inches above your knee.) So people are going to be going back to school in hot weather, wearing pants and shirts that were made for cooler weather. And you HAVE to change classes outside (all 5 staircases are outside) so you WILL get heat. Can someone change these fucking rules! They suck!!

*I swear I won’t cuss like this again, I’m just really mad*


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