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Posted in Stuff n Junk at 3:49 PM by Amy~la

There is this website called TextsFromLastNight.com. A lot of these text messages are nasty and about sex or drinking, or both, but the other day I saw one from my area code. This text was about a girl named Jennifer, who is obsessed with William Shatner. My sister is named Jennifer, and likes William Shatner. My sister confirmed that it was about her! If you are wondering what it said, here it is: “Have you not heard of Jennifer’s supreme lust for William Shatner? She wants to eat Taco Bell off of his love handles”.


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  1. Jay-wa said,

    I went to that site and entered my area code…they were mostly hilarious. Also the William Shatner text is funny! I also like your Highschool or Hogwarts? post. People should love Harry Potter more, so Right On!
    : D

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