Transformers Dream

Posted in Stuff n Junk, Useless Info at 8:55 AM by Amy~la

Last night I had a really weird dream. It started off with me and Shia LaBeouf in my back yard. There were three craters in my backyard. One of the craters was huge and the other two were small. We looked in the two small craters and saw alien skulls. Then we were talking about how Megatron was buried in the big ass crater. Then we went inside wondering how the alien skulls got there. (They looked like the skulls from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, also staring Shia.) So Shia proceeds to dig up Megatron to interrogate him. I am warning Shia that it’s not a good idea. Megatron gets loose. Megatron Megatron “>kidnapps me, my friend Maddy, and Megan Fox (who for some reason was in my house…).  So then Megatron puts us into his chest, where Megan disappears (yay!) and Maddy and I are talking to the four boys who were also in his chest. Shia was nowhere to be found. So Maddy and I were talking to these four boys, and we were no longer inside Megatron. We were in a car. Driving down the road.


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