The Same Person, or Twins?

Posted in Stuff n Junk, Superheroes, Useless Info at 8:53 PM by Amy~la

Today I was watching season one of Smallville, which I recently got on DVD, when I noticed that a character in one of the episodes looks exactly like the guy that played Jimmy Olsen on the same show. I paused my DVD and questioned whether they would chose the same actor for two completely different roles, on two completely different seasons, thinking no one would notice. I then decided that no, they wouldn’t do that. So I looked up who was the guy in season one, and it was Shawn Ashmore. Then I looked up who was Jimmy Olsen, and it was Aaron Ashmore. THEY’RE TWINS!!!!! Really Smallville? Twins playing two completely different roles in two completely different seasons, hoping no one would notice?? That’s almost as bad as killing off a character that isn’t supposed to die. But good thing you haven’t done- wait? They have done that? In the finale of season 8? Ohh.. riiiiiiiiight… They killed Jimmy Olsen. I blame the Ashmore twins.


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  1. Lizzy-wa said,

    hehehe Amy-la i didnt no you still posted stuff! hilarityness-i have officially become a new old reader of this blog

    oh and you’ll never guess what happend! Scott-la came here on monday and he recognized me again! he was all ‘Lizzy-wa! you’ve grown!’ hehehe i freakd out

    love the lime green by the way

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! :mrgreen:

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