Too Much = Three?

Posted in School, Stuff n Junk at 9:12 PM by Amy~la

Last year my mom told me to get involved in my school and with friends and such. So this year I am in the One Act play, I am on the school’s swim team, and I am running for Bling-meister (treasurer) for my church’s Youth group. Now my mom is saying that it is too much. One Act is every weekday until 5, swim team is whenever I am not needed at One Act, and Youth is on Sundays. It’s only three things, it’s not that much. Then again, I am normally only in one activity at a time. Oh well, I can be involved in a lot of stuff. (At least I’m not like my sister who is in three plays right now, and is always at a rehearsal for what seems like 24/7.)


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