Superhero Obsession!!

Posted in Stuff n Junk, Superheroes, Useless Info at 4:03 PM by Amy~la

I hate how much I love superheroes. One day during a One Act play rehearsal, we were doing a warm up where 2 people improv, someone not improving yells freeze, the 2 people freeze, the yeller takes the place of one person, and they start an new improv. Well, my sister and another girl were superheroes. They were the Flash and Spiderman. When someone yelled freeze, I said to the two girls, “You can’t mix Marvel and D.C.!” (The Falsh being D.C. and Spiderman being Marvel.) And on Friday night, I was totally obsessed with Smallville. And right now I am watching Batman on ABC Family. And my Halloween costume is Batgirl. HELP ME!!!


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