Bipolar Dog!

Posted in Stuff n Junk at 7:04 PM by Amy~la

It is Thanksgiving break, and I am earning some money. I am taking care of a dog, a cat, and a gerbil for my boyfriend’s family while they are out of town. Their dog is so bipolar! I go over there are she is all barks, snarls, growling, and biting. So I wait for her to get used to me, and she doesn’t. So I put her on a leash and she is all smiles and tail-wagging. That leash helps me take her outside so she can do her business. When she goes back inside and I take the leash on, she is still all smiles and tail-wagging. What is it about a leash that makes that dog so happy? And why does that dog hate me before I put the leash on her? The cat likes me a lot… Maybe the cat and dog are sworn enemies, and the dog hates everyone the cat likes, but once I show the dog that I am neutral, she is like “This girl is okay…”

In other news… MY ROOM IS CLEAN! *Party time*


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