Romeo and Juliet

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I was watching Romeo + Juliet (the version were it takes place in present-day but they still talk in Shakespearian.) The part when Juliet is “dead” in the tomb and Romeo is standing over her, about to poison himself makes me really mad in that movie. In the play, Romeo kills himself, Juliet wakes up, then Juliet kills herself. Well, in this one it goes, Juliet wakes up, Romeo kills himself, Juliet kills herself. Why didn’t Romeo realise that Juliet was awake before he drank the poison? Her head and hands were moving and her eyes were open! And, this is a question about the original and all other versions, Romeo and Juliet knew each other for four days! They met on day one, got married on day two, Romeo killed Juliet’s cousin on day two, Romeo is banished on day two, Romeo and Juliet “confirm their marriage” on day two, Romeo is gone on day three, Juliet is told she will marry Paris on day three, Juliet takes the potion on day three, Romeo sees Juliet in the tomb on day four and kills himself, causing Juliet to kill herself as well. FOUR DAYS? Really Shakespear? Only four days? (It could be up to seven days because Romeo could have been gone for longer than a day…) Still, seven days? One week? Really Romeo and Juliet?


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  1. Rose said,

    Hi… Shakespeare was a flawless writer, and although Romeo and Juliet was not one of his best, it’s still believable for that time. It’s all about love at first sight and mindless misunderstandings. People back then based their marriages on astronomy and zodiac signs. In the first fourteen lines it tells you that they are star-crossed lovers, which means they are NOT meant to be together. That foreshadow is so blunt it’s disgusting. The four days of their romance show you how quick the fates are at work.

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