A Poem by Amy and Hannah

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Today in Pre AP English 2, we had to write a paragraph or a poem that used an allusion to something. This allusion could reference anything we wanted to, so my partner Hannah and I decided to reference Waldo. This is the poem we wrote.

“Tristan: The Lost Dog”
I’ve lost my dog.
I don’t know what to do.
No one could help me, can you?
He’s harder to find than Waldo.
He’s somewhere in the world like Carmen Sandiego.
What’s that you say?
Look in the hay?
I found my dog.

Now that poem right there took us more than ten minutes to write, because about five of those minutes were spent goofing off and quoting YouTube videos. (The Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series to be exact.)

P.S. Today in math class, this guy Caleb walked up to me and said “Amy, I finally get your Yahoo! name. TheBlueTime13, Midnighters! I read it over the weekend. It’s an awesome book.” He said he will start the second book soon. I hope so because I kind of want to talk about those books now. And Tessa still has my copy of Touching Darkness. And maybe Uglies. And I think Maddy has my copy of Pretties. I need my books back.



No Sleep? Maybe.?

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Tonight I am conducting an experiment. I am staying up, as late as I can, and seeing if I will be okay at school tomorrow. It’s not smart, but I am bored and not tired. And I need to watch more Yu-Gi-Oh. Curse Maddy for getting me hooked on that show!

EDIT! I stayed up until 2 am and I think it was a good idea. I wasn’t tired at school and I was even more alert than normal. Maybe I should go to bed at that time more often. (The word bed looks like a bed.)


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School starts here on Tuesday. School sucks.