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Hola! My name is Amy. This is my blog, and since I will be writing the articles, I think you should know a little about me. I live in Georgia. My favorite TV show that is still on the air is Smallville and my favorite TV show that isn’t on the air anymore is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My favorite superhero movie is Superman from 1978, my favorite comedy movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail from 1975, and my favorite Sci Fi movie is (this could also be ‘Favorite Action Movie’ as well) the Matrix from 1999. My favorite movie is The Dark Knight. My favorite author is Scott Westerfeld, although I do like JK Rowling, and Stephenie Meyer is ok. My favorite bands are Green Day, Panic at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy. Um… that’s about it right now. You will learn more about me when you read my posts. See ya!



  1. Jay-wa said,

    Are all people in Georgia awesome?! *considers moving*
    Matrix is awesome, and Green Day, and Panic and Mony Python and the Holy grail is hilarious.
    Did you hear about Panic at the Disco breaking up?
    : D

  2. Amy~la said,

    panic at the disco breaking up!?!?!?!? my life is over!!!!!

  3. Sad60 said,

    Across the similarities in the way this modern girl figure was represented, each rendering in fact, the Modern Girl Around the World research agenda concluded, combined and reconfigured aesthetic elements drawn from disparate national, colonial and racial regimes to create a cosmopolitan look. ,

  4. harlie said,

    those are my favorite authors too

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